About Me

After studying nursing and working as an assistant nurse in the field for several years, Penny studied psychology and supported vulnerable young people living in out of home care, facilitated an Australian-first therapeutic pilot program supporting women who had used force in both community and carceral settings, worked on crisis support helplines and had a leading role in coordinating a holistic support program for all Victorians impacted by Black summer bushfires. Penny was delighted to guest lecture at University of Michigan on the pilot program's success and also received a Chancellor's commendation for her Graduate Diploma of Gender and Development in 2020 from Flinders University; where she is completing her Master's in Women's and Gender Studies. Penny is an intersectional feminist and currently advises health and well-being organisations on best practice to support people with diverse genders and sexualities. Penny is currently in the early stages of developing an accessible platform to empower people navigating domestic, family violence and sexual assault (DFVSA). Penny has lived experience of cult-based abuse, DFVSA and IPV, and is passionate about connecting women and people who have experienced violence with their bodies, abolishing stigma and improving support for people navigating intimate partner violence.